Army Physical Fitness Requirements Eligibility Criteria – AdmissionPK

Army Physical Fitness Requirements Eligibility Criteria

All information about conditions and some important tips for passing test are available in th9s post.  Pakistan army is the one of the best security sector in the world who have a special rank in the world history and best thing is that mostly other ISLAMIC countries like QATAR, DUBAI, SAUDIA ARABIA and other small countries need support of Pakistan army because they k now that they do not have strong power for fight it is important that they must be create good relation with Pakistan and then they can appeal for help at the time of fight. Pakistan army announced that they need perfect and fit fighters who are always ready for their country and ISLAM.

Pakistan Army and other security sectors announced different kinds of post in after two months and they announced that candidates who want to join Pakistan army and they do not scared for their life that kind of candidates can apply and they can get chance for test. Now important thing is that some rules and policies are announced by Pakistan Army and they also announced that they need fighters who are mentally active and they are strong in their health that kind of candidates only get job and they can get chanced of joining Pakistan Army. In this portion first we discuss about the limitation that is announced by Pakistan army and then we can discuss conditions and policy of appointment.

In Pakistan every person gives too much respect to disable person and government of Pakistan gives too much facility to disable persons but some of the disable persons want to join Pakistan army and they have a mind that they do not do nothing and they want to serve their life for their nation that kind of persons are too much talented and government of Pakistan appreciate them for their confidence and they announced that if they just help with other persons then they also help to Pakistan and members announced that that kind of persons are not eligible who are disable and they do not hear or speak anything.

Mostly candidates have a question that why Pakistan Army conducted test and why they need educated candidates. Best answer is that they need educate students and fighters because if they do not appoint educated candidates then they do not maintain discipline in their academy.

Medical Fitness

In this session, we discuss how they can join Pakistan army and which things are too much important for appointment. First is eye sight. Some of the candidate whose eyes eight is too much weak and they do not see any body or thing without glasses that kind of candidates do not join Pakistan army. Some of the candidates have some problems in their legs on the other hand they stand in straight position accurate but when any person see their legs then their feet is not straight that kind of candidates are not eligible for Pakistan army. It is important that candidates know about push up and other things.

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