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All Different Study Options After Matric

Have you completed matriculation exams? Now you are looking for best option for you? All right lets talk about it in detail. Read this article friendly and let us explore everything with our experience. We will not only talk about how many options are available after matriculation although we will discuss on these courses benefits. As we know you don’t have much time to waste so lets start talking about different fields after matriculation exams. Keep reading hope you will enjoy our article.

At fist you have to pass matriculation exam to measure your strength. It will be useless for you to read out this article at the time when you are still in matric. Anyways you can still read it to get knowledge about how many portions are there for you. Lets start our topic of the day.

FSC Pre-Medical

Those students who want to join medical field, they must go with FSC Pre-Medical. Before going to appear in FSC Pre-Medical exams you must put it in your mind that you have to do some extra effort. Merit shall be high when you will further get admission in Bachelor Course so if you can do hard work and were good in science subjects then FSC Pre-Medical field is just for you.

FSC Pre-Engineering

There shall not Biology in FSC Pre-Engineering although you will go with mathematics subject in pre-engineering. Other subjects will be same that is Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be elective subjects in engineering. This field is for those who want to do engineering in future.


Intermediate of Computer Science is especially for those students who either want to get admission in computer field or for those who think that chemistry and biology are not suitable subjects for them. BSCS and few other fields are good after doing ICS so if you are interested in computer field then go with ICS.


Students who are good in finance calculation they can select I.Com as they are going to learn about banking and accounts in I.Com.


There are always some genius who just want to do study for their own purpose. If your aim is something different then you can go with FA as you will do general study in FA.


Diploma of Associate Degree is semi engineering field. It is something like a practical field where you will learn how to do practical things in life.

Except these courses there are also many other courses which you can select on your own wish. These were few famous although if you don’t want to go with any of these courses then better do short course for your better future.

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