AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) tutor Confirmation 2022

Tutor of this session has been allocated to all students. Now all kind of students open the portal and they can check that which teacher is selected for this session and what is the current status of this teacher at that session. Before all the things students who want to know that whey these teachers are allocated and they also want to know that if they want to meet with the teacher then this university allow or not. First is that students who are applied for this university and the also got admission in this session and their degree level is started form today and now they want to get information about policy that kind of students are eligible and they can get all information about teacher.

At the time of admission students are ready for the first class and with the help of this university they know that they got admission only on one condition that is home bases. Every university has a unique rule and according to the rule of this session students can get admission by choosing the teacher. Some students think that after admission they can choose the university teacher and then they can read the syllabus but they do not know after admission the university allocated the teacher and they also give all types of information of the teachers. If any students who think that they do not clear their concepts on that case and now they want to get clear all problems then they can take the time and they can meet with the teacher according to the working time of university.

It is important that all students who are from any degree level they must be choose the teacher and then they can get admission otherwise they do not read the syllabus with proper supervision of any teacher. In one semester of any degree level this university announced that 4 assignments are uploaded in one session and they also want to know that if they can submit then it is accepted or not.

Can Student Change The Teacher?

Now students who think that they do not learn well and they want to change the teacher then this thing is not eligible to this session on the other hand if any teacher who have any problem and they think that now they do not continue the study with students then they can left and they can also allocated second teacher on their seat.

How Students Do Confirmation

After admission they want to check that which teacher is allocated for this degree level and their contact number and address are also mentioned in this page.

Students who need extra information like profile of teacher then they can click the picture of teacher and then they can get profile. It is not compulsory that all females students got the teacher of female.

Students just open the portal and they also check the assignment online.

Now students who click the option of teachers then they can get list of all teachers of all lectures.

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