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Abdus Salam School Of Mathematical Sciences PhD Admission 2023

Admission for PHD degree level of Mathematics has been announced. Abdus Salam School of mathematical science is big school of government college university Lahore. This School is working under GCUL policy. Due to large amount of students, GCUL makes separate School for students who want to get degree of PHD. This school is very famous in ranking because this school has 5th batch of PHD degree level. Mostly university and college declared degrees for PHD level but most important thing is that this degree is valid for all other provinces of Pakistan. Students who do not have clear degree of MS that kind of students are not eligible.

Due to large amount of students seats will be in large amount but all students can get admission with the help of GAT test. Mostly students who have minor concepts about study in admission test they are not qualify. Students who qualify admission test with well marks that kind of students can apply for admission.

Some students who are foreign and they want to get admission that kind of students first conducted interview and then they are able for admission.

Abdus Salam School Of Mathematical Sciences PhD Admission 2023

Admission Schedule

Last date for admission is 02-2023

One important announcement is that students can submit admission form after due date but submission of fee is not accepted after last date.

Students face many issues for sending documents that’s why admission committee announced that students can submit admission form within one day after last date.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for PHD degree level are that students must have degree of Master in mathematics field and they have minimum 2.5 CGPA in this Master.

Students who complete their duration but they do not have degree that kind of students enter university name in admission form.

Students must have degree of graduation with minimum first division.

Students must be qualifying admission test with at least 50 percent marks.

Students who are foreign that kind of submits picture of passport and then they are eligible for admission.

Students must have some important documents for admission.

Students who do not upload their picture that kind of students are not eligible for admission.

List Of Important Documents

  • DMC of master degree
  • Degree of graduation in mathematics
  • Experience letter of any job if eligible
  • ID card
  • Father ID card
  • Passport picture if foreign
  • Picture with blue background
  • Domicile of Punjab province
  • Character certificate

How To Apply

Students who want to get admission in PHD degree that kind of students click link and get online admission form.

Students enter name and password. After that they enter information in form.

In first portion, students enter name and other bio-data for admission

After that students enter domicile and contact number in form.

Then students enter master degree and graduation degree marks.

After that students scan domicile and other documents for admission.

Students deposit fee after submission online admission form.

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