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A1 English Test Centre and Fees in Pakistan

All information about A1 test and their center is mentioned in this site. Students and candidates can get access to this site at any time. First new students and students whose communication skills is too much strong and they want to do next in this field but now at that time if they appear in this test then they have a certificate that they are expert in this language. Students who do not listen this name before that but after that they need to get information about test ad they also know that what is this test that kind of students just open this site and then they create interest automatically. Now we start about the introduction of Al English test and students who think that this is simple English test and they think that after passing this test students can get high rank that kind of students think wrong. In Student life if they can do this test then they can get a certificate that is valid in UK and other countries. Some people have a mind that they just do this test and they can visit UK through this test and one important thing is that this is part of IELST test.

After this test, students and other people of Pakistan must have an approval that they can apply for VISA and with the help of this test they can get strong skills of speaking. Now students who are in university and now they want to know that they can appear in test because they do not have graduation degree at that time then it is not important that students can apply at any age but they have a chance. If any person who appear in test in one year and in the same year they again apply for again test then they are eligible.

Now people who are expert in English language and they also have a IELST test result that is up to 6.5 bands but now they need this certificate then students are eligible and they can appear in test of A1 English.

Test Centers

Now we discuss about the test centers in Pakistan. Now at that time it’s a person choice that which city is too much near to their own city and one they select and after that they feel that need to change the location of test then they can also edit application but before roll number slip.

Now test centers are in the famous cities and if any student who want to get location of test centers that is in specific city then students are eligible and they can get information.

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad

Any interested students click one option and they can get the postal code and proper address of test center.


This portion is for fees and students who pay 27K at one time then they can appear in A1 English test and if they want to apply for installment then it is not possible.

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