9th Class (SSC Part I) Past Papers Check Online

Official past papers of all boards are available in this page. All board of different provinces announced date sheet of all examination and now all time of students who are not serious in their study that kind of students download past papers of all subjects because after students have only few days for examination. Students who are supply holder and they do not have too much preparation for examination that kind of students have one opportunity that they download past papers and then they not down important questions from them. With the help of past papers mostly students passed out of previous session and now this time due to virus, education is very bad in currently situation and government of Punjab announced that syllabus is also short for this session.

Students who have supply of science subjects and they have their second chance in same board that kind of students download past papers because it they do not read past papers then they again face supply. Students who are absent in examination and they also enroll in this session for examination that kind of students can also read past papers of examination. 9th class is very important for carrier. If any student who thinks that this class is not important for next field that kind of students check eligibility criteria of different institute and they decided that they are eight or wrong.

In this session medical students who needs to get 90 percent marks but they do not have high level preparation for examination that kind of students can get marks through these past papers. With the help of past papers of previous session students learn all kind of long questions. Mostly students who are intelligent and they read previous three years past papers and they realized that same questions and same chapter are repeated in every examination.


Students of different fields that want to get papers of just multiple choice questions or long questions that kind of students click this link and get long questions of previous papers.

Now this time, in market all kinds of past papers are available but some past papers are fake and some are real.

This site introduced new books and all past papers are in this book with complete detailed answers.

Best thing is that in previous session only this book announced past papers but they do not announce answer sheet of past papers.

In this book, all questions and answers are mentioned. Students first read questions and then they think that which question is correct after that they can check in next page of book.

In past papers, only to the point questions is mentioned. Some students who have need answers of questions that kind of students click this link.

How To Read Past Papers Online

Students first choose that which subjects is weak and they want complete paper or specific portion then they choose year.

After that they click on option of book name and after one minute they got past paper online from this site.

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