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9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech In Urdu

All types of speech of all languages are available in this site. If any person who want to win the competition of speech that kind of all person can read this speech and they can also get all types of easy of about best personality and all kinds of issues of different types of countries. First is that some of student who do not have any idea that how they can deliver the speech in accurate way and if any student who needs to get way that they can follow and then they perform that kind of students are eligible to get this speech.

First is that some of students are too much over-confident and they think that directly they say SLAM and then then start their speech without any title and without any other reference that kind of students need to get the information about speech and then they can use it for any event that is in this country or other country.

This is for that student who want to get it in URDU but some of students who have a mind that first they want to speak in this language and after that when they can understand it then they can convert it into English language. One thing is that if any person who want to know that they need practice then they can do one thing that is they can get online help from this page and they can share their thoughts and their other things in this comment box from this page.

Now we start the speech but before that keep it mind one thing is that when student start this speech then they try to focus on words because when they do not speak accurately then they do not win this one event. ALLAMA IQBAL is the one of best and national hero who try to provide their skills for the Muslims and with that this is a person who wrote multiple book on different types of styles and in language.

At that time young students who do not know about history and they think that they just wrote the books and then they sold it but they do not know that this is one of a complete scholar who want to get the separate country from INDIA. This is a man who know that if they do not support to the Muslims of this nation and if they do not try to wake up all people who are sleep in the laziness of works that kind of person is national poet. If we talk about the books then we can say that this is books that every kind of person can read it and they can judge that this is time how Muslims can face the problems that they do not think at that time.

9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech In Urdu

If any Person who want to get the series of books of this poet then they can click this link and they can get the books in PDF form.

ALLAMA IQBAL was the hero and national poet of this country who has one dream that all Muslims live in this country with freedom and with good ideas.

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