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23 March Speech in Urdu Check Online

All types of speeches in both languages for special days are available in this page. Students who want to participate in speech competition and their topic is 23 March and they do not know how to present at the front of all kind of students and teachers that kind of students can get essays and speech from this site and they can get speech of 23 March in Urdu Language. Some of the students who have their experience in this competition and they do not know how to express and control their confusion and how many words they need for this speech that kind of students click this link and they can get speech in simple and famous words because some of the students need good and simple words for their speech.

23 March Speech in Urdu

Day of 23 March is very important for people of Pakistani. Now this time, if one of the great leader that name is QUAID E AZAM do not take step for Muslim in this day then no any person live independent and they do not life in their home without any pressure. In that day, Muhammad AK KHAN send proposal to the government of INDIA and they announced to all of the people that we need separate homeland and no any power can stop to our decision. Some of the people who are live in India but they know that Muslim have a right to live independent that kind of people now insist to government of INDIA that they can allow them to migrate country and best thing is that in that day all Muslims and all types of people who want to live in their country they all stand with Moto of their leader in that day, Muslims take new step for their country.

23 march 1940, is a day when Muslims prove that Allah is with them and all types of Muslims who face all types of difficulties and before that day, Mostly Muslims live in jails and some of the people who are Muslims and they always raise voice of independence that kind of people face many difficulties and minimum 2 to 3 days they face punishment that will be given by Hindu Government. In Pakistan, mostly people forget that how we get this country and they do not know how this country makes their resources. At the time of separation, Muslims are free but they do not have any thing and they do not have any skills of work for their earning,. Government of INDIA announced that if any person wants to leave their country and they do not want to maintain any relation with that country that kind of people do not have any permission to bring anything from this country. At that time, all types of students and people who are live in this country and they always thank to Allah and great leader for their hardworking and their determination. If any person thinks that they want to thank QUAID E AZAM for that day they just maintain peace in their area and try their best to provide different types of facilities to all kind of persons who do not do nothing in that time.

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