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14 August Speech In Urdu Check Online Download

All kind of speeches in different languages are mentioned in this site. All categories of speeches of that day that is used in schools, social society functions, cadet colleges, PMA Academy and other kind of places that are celebrated with full of joy and happiness is available in this site. If any student who is new and they do not know how to deliver speech and they also want to know that how they express their feelings and expression that they feel for their country that kind of students click this link and they can get videos that is too much important for the inspiration. Now we start the speech of 14th August 11947. This speech is for only those students or people who do not have too much English but they are participated in Urdu language of this competition and now they want to win the prize that kind of students are eligible.


Month of August is independence month of this country and in this country all kind of Muslims who have only one Moto that they want to separate homeland for their religion and for their country that kind of Muslim got good news on that day. On 13 August all kind of Muslims who do hard working and they try best that to make the homeland where they can live freely that kind of Muslims juts listen the radio on that day and they all want to wait the news of separate country that is Pakistan and at the end at the night radio stations and all FM announced the big news is that the owner of Pakistan Mr. QUAID-E-AZAM completed their dream and with their hard working they create separate country and in that country they can live according to their wishes.

Now they announced that if any Person who is Muslim and they also announced that any person who do not face more difficulties in that country that is INDIA then they can come to Pakistan but owner of this country deal one condition is that they all working under orders of Muslims. Now main point is that why we want ne country and mostly people who want to say that if we create country then we do not support this country very well. First is that all kind of Muslims know that if they do not work as the team on their difficulties days then they never make the country but now they want new rules and ordinance that only support to the Islam.

Next Plan of Pakistan

Pakistan tries best to remove the problems of Muslims but now according to Kashmir issue all types of Pakistani try to stand with people of Kashmir and now they want to create it with their own rules. If any person who know the importance of this country and now they have an ability to change the bad things that is happen at that time to front of their eyes that kind of person stand against them.

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