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12 Rabi Ul Awal Speech In Urdu Download Online

This is the speech about month of RABI UL AWAL and on the date of 12th. First is that all kind of Muslims who know that what is the main importance of this date and if they think that they do other thing in this date and then they waste the precious time that ALLAH give them then they do not nothing in this day. First is that Muslims who are in Pakistan and they know that this is day when HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH was born and on that Muslims are too much excited. In that day mostly, students who are in the College and universities and they know that on that day they celebrate by arranging different kind of holy functions and if any student who is participated in the speech competition and they find the best template that they can get this and after that they can use.

This is not the competition but every kind of person think that if they win then its mean that they do more love with their last prophet that is Muhammad PBUH. All kind of people who know that in this month they can get the lot of blessing and if any person who think that they need to get the things that they distribute on that day that kind of people click this link and they see that in that day they do all good deed then they get reward from Allah that is too much in this type.

First is that some of people who have the lot of money and they think that on that day they just distribute different kind of things from the poor people and they think that if they do this on the JALOOS then this is best thing and they also show to all of them are they prove that this is followers of Muhammad.

Now the speech is going to be started but before that if any person who think that they just read the essay without any format and without any best voice then they do not win in this session. best is that they first read this completely and then when they sure that now they speak this with complete proper words then they are eligible and they can do this through this session.

12 Rabi Ul Awal Speech In Urdu

If they have a lot of words and they think that they want to pronounce this with this but they do not know that how they can add this in this that kind of people are eligible and they can add this but first they add this with that place where the complete sentence is completed.

In that day the public holiday is announced by this government and they all announced that on that day no any person cannot sing song and no any person cannot follow the wrong rules that they follow and then they do not try to win this speech competition.

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